Ethical Marketing

Mr. Malki has been an invaluable consultant for creative communication, digital marketing, information technology and sustainable small business development planning. His insights and expertise in marrying traditional business opportunities with social justice and sustainability principles are valuable and have had a bearing on our projects.

Russell Thomas

President, Asheville Flatiron Building

Joseph Malki, provided us with broad and significant research for our international market developments. His assistance with government loans, programs and international development options offered us opportunities we never even dreamed of. Mr. Malki’s committment to American agricultural self-sufficiency and balanced views on fair trade with China and Mexico has supported our natural fiber market development.

Barbara Filippone

CEO, EnviroTextiles, LLC

twingravity’s creativity and marketing knowledge have allowed us to be #1 in all our markets. Additionally, Mr. Malki helped us develop our City Mac for Life program. Ostensibly the first carbon neutral independent Apple dealer program in the United States.

Jim Neu

CEO, CityMac

twingravity has provided invaluable strategic consulting around the fair trade and sustainability issues of our corporation. Mr. Malki’s genius includes helping companies navigate complexity by providing salient strategies and comprehensive frameworks for project management. With his assistance, ITC has a sustainable plan laid out to work with Peruvian Indigenous Tribes, the Government of Peru and the US.

Anthony Fogleman

Acting CEO, International Titanium Corporation

Mr. Malki provided timely professional floor plans for the 2014 Green Festivals exposition for Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Miami and Seattle. Our exhibit and sponsorship team remarked the plans where the clearest and understandable floor plans to date. His knowledge of the LOHAS sector and the sales psychology of consumer events aided in the show floor traffic flow design positively affecting our sponsors and exhibitors desire for optimum face to face and branding exposure.

Georgia Malki

President, Seven-Star, Inc.

Joseph Malki has worked with us for years designing, maintaining and developing our eCommerce store and cause marketing objectives. His ability to communicate technological information is clear and made it easy for us to understand. We were given a much more sophisticated strategy for our 2014 objectives including greater integration with anti-cancer non-profts.

Deborah Holmes Young

CEO, DeyBras

twingravity created the Lex 18 brand, website, menus and helped with our social media. Joseph was able to get us 400 likes on Facebook and and 250 followers on twitter with his knowledge and processes. I am constantly impressed with his ability to help small business get ahead, especially when it comes to creative uses of technology.

Alan van de Kamp Grau

Entertainment Manager,

Mr. Malki is an important member of our team. As a strategic consultants his process, research, analysis and perspective has informed our development plans for a renewable energy facility and eco friendly mixed use development in Reems Creek, Buncombe County, Asheville.

Robin Dunn


Sustainable Community Development Project

“Since 2009, Joseph B. Malki diverse consulting skills have been invaluable to the Asheville Flatiron Building’s progress in sustainability, technology and community development.”  -Russell Thomas, President Flatiron Building Commercial Condominium Association
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